Use alternatives



Sign a petition

Please visit Toxic Free Canada's website to sign their petition calling for provincial pesticide legislation.

Action Centre

Join Gnome Suzuki’s fight to keep poisons out of our gardens forever


Support Organic Islands Festival at Glendale Gardens, Victoria BC.



CRD Poll shows 76% support for local pesticide bylaws.



Ten Reasons not to use pesticides. From the Journal of Pesticide Reform



Write a letter

Use our Cosmetic Pesticide Advocacy Guide to write a letter to your local municipal councilors to let them know  that chemical pesticides are not needed in your community. Ask them to show leadership by implementing a municipal pesticide bylaw. Send them a copy of the Model Pesticide-Use Bylaw.


Write your MLA and the BC Minister of Environment or MP and the Canadian Minister of Environment to make it clear that pesticides are not needed in BC or Canada. Send them a copy of the proposed Ontario Legislation.


Start a petition

In our Cosmetic Pesticide Advocacy Guide  you will find a petition template so you can start your very own petition. Please contact us so we can help draw attention to your petition.


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